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Interview Invitation Cards

Interview Invitation Cards

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Elevate your job search with my unique Interview Invitation Cards, specifically tailored for proactive job seekers looking to make a memorable first impression! I will design personalized, eye-catching invitation cards that summarize your professional profile and directly appeal to potential employers. Your invitation will include a QR code linking directly to your online resume, allowing employers to instantly access your full career history and skills. I'll handle creating this!

What it includes:

• Personalized Design: Each card is crafted to reflect your individual career achievements and aspirations, ensuring your first interaction with a potential employer is impactful.

• Professional Appeal: Your card design will be a blend professional aesthetics and your unique personal touch.

• Versatility: Whether you're targeting a specific company like lululemon or casting a wider net, I adjust the tone and details to suit different companies.

• Digital Delivery and Easy Printing: Receive your custom invitation in digital format, plus 5 complimentary printed cards to start delivered to your doorstep. Need more? Additional cards can be easily printed and delivered to you through Canva.


• Enhance Visibility: Stand out from the crowd of traditional applications.

• Personal Touch: Show initiative and creativity, traits highly valued in any field.

• Convenience: Manage your needs from home, with hassle-free printing and delivery options for additional cards as required.